Growing Up Online was an award-winning column that helped parents understand how their children were being influence by technology. It grew from my experience as mother to three cyber-savvy kids, my professional experience as a Contributing Editor for Family PC and my educational experience earning an M.A. in ethics from Bowling Green State University.


Each column brought busy parents up to speed, making it possible for them to nurture an interest in technology while setting appropriate limits that helped children be as safe and responsible online as they are in the real world. During the fifteen years that I wrote the column, I had a front row seat at the revolution, writing about everything from plagiarism to predators, bullying to body image, emojis to educational trends. Here’s the full list of topics with links to many of the columns. If you would like permission to reprint, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.

Growing Up Online won three Crystal Awards and was carried by dozens of regional parenting publications including Brooklyn Parent, Broward Family, Carolina Parent, Parenting on the Peninsula, Staten Island Parent and Western New York Family. Here’s the complete list of publications that carried the column.